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How to uncompress a file on win32

When we make our videos about our applications, it is always necessary to unzip the files that we publish for win32 in our domain. We unpack them within our videos, making use of Emacs. However, we believe that we should make a simple how-to guide. How a user who downloaded one of our applications should proceed?, when using his/her machine with the most used operating system on his/her laptop.


Improving the Accessibility or our blogposts

We already have more than 11 years publishing articles or blogposts. And we still have a hard time posting regularly. We have several articles that we will be publishing shortly. We already have the titles of these articles defined, but the process of publishing each article takes time. People or organizations that make videos on YouTube always comment on the production time it takes to post a new video. Well, the same thing happens to us. Writing each article or blogpost takes time.


External video hosting when writing blog post

If you produce videos within your website then you will need to store the videos somewhere. Normally in your own domain you will have space problems, since you will soon fill the quota of your hosting service. If you are lucky enough to have your own server, many of the limitations mentioned in this article are not for you.


Loyalty Card 2022 demo

Having modified the loyalty-card app aka customer loyalty app. We decided on making a new version of the video done in the past showcasing the functionality of this app.


first steps on freebsd 13

Why FreeBSD? Being users of various GNU/Linux distributions, the most recent being ArchLinux. BSD has always been a pending issue. So we did not miss the opportunity to see how FreeBSD behaves, with more than interesting results.


re-installing emacs23 on archlinux-ARM-32bits

In our previous article We mentioned about 'reinstalling emacs23', that's the purpose of this article.


installing gccemacs on archlinux arm

The emacs23 is the 'speed of light' version of Emacs. When We are editing C code nothing beats emacs23. Would that affirmation be Right after trying gccemacs?.


testing triple DES

Testing Triple DES implementation on C language on GNU/Linux.


enhance old autoradio with orange pi

Any modern vehicle with a year of manufacture after 2000 has a computer. When the vehicle fails, the computer reports defects and the condition of certain parts inside the vehicle. But we're not talking about that computer. Instead we are talking of having an orange pi, a small computer the size of a credit card that has the same processing capacity as the cell phones we use every day, it just does not have a screen that indicates that it has already turned on, nor does it come with a keyboard nor with a mouse, it is a computer without a screen, not like the altair of course. And what's the use of a computer without a screen in the vehicle? It makes some sense to have a computer of that type in our vehicle.


timeline con commonQT

The application that today we will port to commonQt is a note management application, the application allows us to create notes and then easily search any term or keyword within the set of notes created. This application uses sqlite as the backend database.


web scraping with emacs and w3m

Within our company, we are used to doing web scraping with python and selenium. But we have encountered an obstacle 2 Gb of memory are not enough when you open more than 30 tabs automatically with the chromium. The machine becomes very slow due to lack of memory.


send files from command line through bluetooth

One thing that is always missing by default in any GNU/Linux distribution is a quick and easy way for sending and receiving files through bluetooth. In the previous article we saw how to receive files, this time we will see how to send files by bluetooth from the command line.


receiving files by bluetooth on your workstation

One of the things We dislike about the Unix desktop is not having properly working bluetooth on our workstations. Some things that are so simple like sending and receiving from our workstation are very uncomfortable and also something difficult to fix.


emacs as a graphical editor

In the previous article one hand menu we have shown how the navigation menu is constructed based on a file, the goal of this post is getting emacs helping us to modify the configuration file graphically.


One Hand Menu for N900

Making phone calls with one hand, kinda difficult, right?.


Customer Loyalty Card

Our developer pinwino has been working on this application. It is a Customer Loyalty Card. We think this application is going to be very useful for some business. If your business have been trying to get customers return sooner to take your services this is going to work for you and your business.


Inventory System Printing Process

Printing is a piece of cake, Right?, an end user just needs to press the print button, and documents start to flow through the printer. For our inventory system the case is going to be different, our inventory system (InvCross), is being developed on C language and the user interfaces done on ​​wxwidgets (C++). The printer our inventory system is going to work is a printer that supports ESC/POS . So the requirement is "print from c language to an ESC/POS printer".


inventory system presentation

Showing part of the Inventory System User Interface.


Our workstations

Workstations are very important elements of our workflow when working well, we all see its limitations, on the other side when they stop working is when we realize how useful they are even with its limitations.


wxtimeline 2014 demo

When we developed the wxtimeline, we took the decision of making it public domain. At that moment the idea was that developers where going to compile and use the wxtimeline. A few days ago we wrote the wxtimeline post second part. One of our readers let us know the video was not user friendly. Let's fix it.


Missing wxwidgets example part 2

In our previous article of the timeline also known as the missing wxWidgets sample we published all the source code of this versatile application. We have at least a couple of users. Today we are going to see what we can improve on the application.


Update Hp dm1z bios with GNU/Linux

Flashing BIOS on Linux should be a painless process. Manufacturer do not support GNU/Linux enough. We hope them to provide us with the images needed for flashing the BIOS.


Improving the process of writing articles on the blog

After keep working on maintaining our blog at kipuamutay, it's time to improve our tools for writing articles regularly.


missing wxwidgets sample

Quick App with wxwidgets

From our time as Palm developers, we missed the great calendar application that Palm used to provide us, as the global search feature too . Sometime ago We did something similar with ror. The timeline on ror was very easy to do, the only annoyance we found was having to start the app every time we need to register a new event on the ror timeline. We were in the urgency to find something more comfortable to use.

Years has passed quickly, now we have wxwidgets as part of our tooling. So why not give the timeline a try on wxwidgets. Our goal is to put the timeline on the n800 and having again it at hand (literally) when needed.


Download lyrics for the song is playing

When we are learning a foreign language as the English is, it is good to improve our ear, what worked pretty well for us was listening english songs and follow them with the lyrics.


Instalando Archlinux/Openbox

Archlinux is the distro that keeps the momentum. ¿How is It? arguably It is the users craving for the latest package versions and avoiding reinstalling or upgrading the distro after some time frame.

Also, last versions of major desktop environments are not very kind to older hardware.


Recovering my information from failing disk

As time passes on, we collect valuable information on our hard disk. What to do when we got a failing hard disk?. The right answer would be reach your last backup. Few people could be so lucky that the last backup covers all the info you need.


Palm Programming on 2011

How to setup the palm development environment on 2011

A little history

Developing Palm on the last years, is not an easy task. Palm is a platform that is being left behind by the device's manufacturers and it's own parent company. The Palm company has suffered several division processes, fusion processes, and stakeholders change. All those changes has left us a brand without presence. When we are referring to Palm, we refer to the devices made by Palm or the ones that use the PalmOS, also are included the devices than use the GarnetOS, we are not referring to the devices that use WebOS1.


Creating a blog with emacs-muse

There are several tools and workflows for writing a blog, after reading the article writing and blogging on org-mode, We noticed blorg as an alternative, after reviewing the blorg page It was discouraging to notice blorg was not going to be maintained, we needed to start looking otherwise. Writing and publishing from emacs-muse is easy. First we were trying to know how the emacs-muse authors were publishing their blogs, we found out by the examples they were using blosxom (it uses a python script for publishing), We were looking for a tool that uses just emacs. Then after googling We were directed to muse-journal, after trying it, muse-journal does the job, then We decided for muse-blog after comparing it against muse-journal, was a very difficult decision, both tools do the same, also the documentation for both tools is scarce but It seems even the emacs-muse authors do not encourage muse-journal enough.


Installing ArchBang on a 2 Gb pendrive

Some years ago we have had installed Archlinux in an external hard disk. When we were working on doing our first PKGBUILD, this external hard disk came to the rescue. We copied /boot and /root to repair our development laptop. You know, we have the common practice to take notes about some uncommon procedures like this one, but we have lost that group of notes when losing an 8 Gb pendrive. Also, we did not have a backup. Inside this pendrive We had the requirements for our inventory system.


CrossCompiling in Unix with wxMSW 2.9.1

We use wxwidgets for developing our inventory system. We used the 2.9.1 version for publishing our windows version and solving some bugs with the previous version.


Do your website Yourself with emacs-muse

When You want to be an entrepreneur You have several options for creating Your website. One of the options is 'Do It Yourself.

We have used emacs and emacs-muse for creating our website.

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